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David Pierce Two hours ago Link. Are you ready for some Amazon football? Amazon's historic NFL debut [Axios]. Reviews Reviews. Report Report. Podcasts See more Podcasts. I've had the game pass w cloud gaming a few times now and while it still buggy occasionally, Certain games, the controls lag in certain places.

I'm impressed with the improvements. This has been nearly perfect for over a year. Over the last month and a half it has gotten worse and worse and worse.. If a game closes unexpectedly it won't re open unless you restart the phone and the most absolutely annoying part is anytime I minimize for even 15 seconds the connection is lost "failed to start cloud gaming".

This happens everytime regardless of what is going on. It's not my connection, it's definitely the app. Why break this app? This recorder also offers you a Task Scheduler that helps you start recording automatically, and the advanced tools "Auto-Split" and "Auto-Stop" are also available. Step 1. There are two different options for screen recording, i. If you select "Full Screen", you will capture the whole screen. Step 2. If you select the "Region" option, this software will ask you to customize the recording area.

Make sure that everything you want to capture is within the bounds of the select box. Step 3. Tap on the button at the bottom left side of the main interface, and there will be many options you can select. This recorder supports recording microphone and system sound separately or simultaneously. The "Options" button is for you to adjust the volume and microphone device. Step 4. To record the webcam simultaneously, click on the "Webcam" icon at the bottom of the interface.

Tap on the button to enable the webcam recording, and there will be a drop-down menu to select the recording device. Click on "OK" to confirm your settings. Step 5. When you turn back to the main interface, click on the "REC" button to start recording. A floating toolbar offers you buttons to pause or stop the recording during the recording process.

In addition, the camera icon can be used to take screenshots, and the timer icon can help stop it automatically. Step 6. The recorded video clips will be saved on your computer. How to Record Zoom Meeting without Permission. Recording Zoom meeting if you are not a host is easy after reading this post. The free Xbox app is the best way to stay in the game—wherever you like to play.

Learn more at xbox. If you give feedback about the Xbox App beta to Microsoft, you give to Microsoft, without charge, the right to use, share and commercialize your feedback in any way and for any purpose. You also give to third parties, without charge, any patent rights needed for their products, technologies and services to use or interface with any specific parts of a Microsoft software or service that includes the feedback.

You will not give feedback that is subject to a license that requires Microsoft to license its software or documentation to third parties because we include your feedback in them. These rights survive this agreement. The Xbox App beta is a pre-release version. It may not operate properly or work the way a final version of the software will.

We may change it for the final, commercial version. We also may not release a commercial version.